Quad-X Salt Spreader 320L

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The ground driven quad spreader has a 320L capacity and is ideal for spreading salt in winter months. It can be used to treat icy conditions on roads, car parks and commercial premises. The salt needs to be dry, bagged granular white salt!

By removing the deflector plate you can also use this spreader for spreading other materials such as fertiliser or grass seed, making it a very versatile machine.

It can be towed behind a quad or any vehicle with a 50mm tow ball. With an adjustable drawbar height and linkage to level the drawbar this spreader is suitable to use behind any vehicle. The new model has a wide wheel base for added stability. A bigger, dished spinner gives an excellent spread.

The new model comes with knobby tyres 18×9.5×8 with an option of 22×11-8 tyres. The 4 stud hubs allow for easier wheel changes.

The Quad-X Salt Spreader is specially designed with a specific gearbox with a gearing ratio for better traction in icy conditions

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