Husqvarna Z242F - 42" Zero Turn Mulching Mower

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The Zero-turn mowers are great for when manoevrability is at a premium. No patches are missed when you don't have to keep reversing back and forth, which would have worn down that particular patch of lawn.

ClearCutâ„¢ fabricated cutting deck
ClearCutâ„¢ deck technology features deep deck design, air flow control baffles, high performance blades and top discharge for superior cutting performance whether discharging, bagging or mulching.
Husqvarna mowers are the elite at cutting, as every pass of the blade cuts cleanly enough that you never have to revisit the same area twice.

Using the mulch function ensures the lawn you leave behind is well-nourished and always in perfect condition. Nothing is wasted with the Z242F and if you don't want to collect the trimmings you don't have to!
Maintenance-Free Transmission
Worry free performance with maintenance free, integrated zero-turn transmissions.

Husqvarna's Endurance Commercial engines provide extended life with features like cyclonic air filtration, heavy duty starting systems, cooler running cylinder heads and improved crank support.

A well-conditioned engine will ensure that it keeps on working year after year, and maintenance is very straight forward.
Rugged frame and casters
The robust frame and casters ensure durability and reduced chassis flex.

The integrated front guard/ bumper offers bold styling while protecting the nose of the unit. An optional bright LED headlight kit can easily be added, providing improved visibility in dark conditions.

Whilst Husqvarna Zero Turn mowers are light enough to be nimble and quick on any lawn surface, the build quality is rugged and of a high standard.
Convenient deck lift
The deck lift system is spring assisted for ease of use and conveniently located within easy reach of the operator.

The new patent pending park brake system automatically activates or deactivates as the steering levers are moved outward or inward, freeing the user of the task.

Using the controls of the Z242F will become second nature to a well-accustomed user, ensuring safety and efficiency on every cutting project.

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