Husqvarna 535RXT Brushcutter

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Husqvarna’s 500 series is a range of technically advanced brushcutters designed for full time professional gardeners and landscapers and perfect for heavy duty commercial use in all agricultural and horticultural settings. The 535RXT is a mid-range model in this series, offering a great blend of raw power, ergonomic design and excellent durability.

Key to the performance of the 535RXT is its high power to weight ratio, with the potent 34.66cc X-Torq® petrol engine’s design offering reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency with no loss of power. For added ease of use the 535RXT also features a fuel pump which primes the carburettor prior to use for quick starting, as well as a handy auto-return stop switch.

Equally impressive, however, is the 535RXT’s versatility, with both a sturdy T35X dual nylon line trimmer head and an efficient metal grass blade supplied as standard. The trimmer head is most useful when tidying edges and borders or cutting hard to reach areas of lawn, but with a high torque bevel gear positioned parallel to the ground ensuring optimum cutting performance the trimmer head can also be used for managing larger areas of longer grass. Tougher patches dense with weeds, thistles and nettles, meanwhile, can be cleared quickly when using the durable metal grass blade. Switching between these two cutting modes is simple thanks to the design of Husqvarna’s protective combi-guard, which also deflects clippings and other debris as you work, while an easy to use ‘Tap & Go’ line advancement system furthers boosts efficiency; simply tap the trimmer head against the ground and the nylon cutting line will be automatically set to an optimal working length.

Convenience and comfort are also aspects of Husqvarna’s design philosophy, and the 535RXT incorporates a number of features to this end. The adjustable ‘cow horn’ style handlebar, for example, is positioned so as to place the cutting head at the centre of the user’s body, thus offering maximum freedom of movement and increasing overall productivity. Moreover, to completely ensure your comfort, even during extended periods of use, the 535RXT boasts vibration dampening LowVib® technology and is supplied as standard with an ergonomically designed Balance X harness.

Finally, the 535RXT can also be equipped with an optional saw blade (available separately) designed for cutting and pruning dense bushes and saplings, further enhancing the versatility of this already impressive machine.

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