Honda HF2417 HME Ride on Mower (new model online special)

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New for 2020, the Honda HF2417 HME Ride on Mower is the perfect machine for making small work of a large lawn. This Honda Premium lawn tractor, packed full of innovative features to give the user the best possible experience when cutting they're lawn. With outstanding V-Twin engines, Versamowâ„¢ selective mulching, and tough bumper protection, this high spec sit on mower is built to last. The new Honda 2417 features a 40" (102cm) cutting deck and is fitted with the Honda GCV530 engine with variable Hydrostatic Drive.

These lawn tractors are a collection of simple, innovative engineering ideas. But that’s not the only thing that makes them different and unquestionably the best. You’ll notice the difference as soon as you see the shiny red body finish. The way the panels fit, the seat material, the firm steering wheel and the way the hand controls feel in your hands – in fact, you might not be able to keep your hands off them. Built around a strong chassis, with a sturdy cast iron front axle and a strong low-maintenance V-twin engine, these machines have many other features that prove why a Honda is an excellent choice. Our Premium lawn tractor engines have a decompression system that makes the engine easier to turn over from start up. The ‘Pro’ spec engine has cast iron cylinder sleeves and crankshaft bearings for longer life, along with a larger air filter for improved performance. It’s the best 4-stroke you can ride. They’re both economical on fuel and have the lowest emissions in the industry.

Honda renowned ingenuity has developed a blade arrangement using the synchronous method. With the synchronised timing belt, it allows the blades to spin together constantly at a 90˚ opposed angle, providing a smooth and effective cut and collection. With a Honda Premium Lawn tractor, you’ll get much better cutting and mulching performance with this type of blade configuration. All you have to do is drive…The blades have seven different height settings from 30cm to 70cm and working inside one cutter deck, provide a much better airflow for gathering up the cuttings. This is essential for maintaining the high levels of collecting performance and at the same time, dramatically reducing any risk of clogging.


Synchronous Blades
The HF2417 is fitted with a timing belt that maintains a synchronised 90° angle between the blades – the result; improved cutting with less uncut areas (even when turning), a smoother ride due to the reduction of vibrations and an optomised air flow, improving grass collection and mulching.

All our ride-on mowers include the Roto-stop® system (controlled via the yellow button), which allows you to stop the blades quickly and safely, without having to turn the engine off. Ideal when you need to empty the grass bag, clear debris, or traverse paths and driveways.

Honda R&D team has developed Optiflow, an advanced grass collection system which reduces power loss and the accumulation of dust by combining powerful suction and a constant flow of air, to completely fill the grass bag.

The HF2417 has Honda’s Versamow™ selective mulching. With a single lever, the machine will either collect grass cutting into the bag or finely shred and blow them into the lawn for natural fertiliser.

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