Belrobotics Bigmow Connected Line Robotic Mower (24,000m2)

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Our experience, and that of football ground managers, allows us to report a real saving following the net reduction (or even elimination) of operating costs. Labour is reduced to the essential and maintenance of automower is just a formality. Thanks to Bigmow, your annual gain in energy savings alone is between € 500 and € 1.000 per pitch.

Groundskeepers’ time is precious and their objectives are more focused. Automatic mowing is indispensable to achieve a drastic reduction in manual tasks. The Bigmow robot mower is entirely autonomous and it continues relentlessly. Assign your labour to other activities and choose a long-term partner for any season

Uncompromising cutting method

BigMow is fitted with 5 floating cutting heads that adapt instantly to the ground elevation.

In total, 15 stainless steel blades provide perfect, constant mulching.

Fitted with 5 sonars, the automower will instantly deactivate its cutting system if it encounters an unexpected obstacle.

A cutting width of 103 cm for uniform, safe working

See the difference

  • 24 000 m² in a few hours
  • Replaces several small robot mowers
  • Much cheaper than a garden tractor
  • 10 times lower COâ‚‚ emissions*
  • 8 x lower energy costs*
  • No noise pollution
  • 100% ecological
  • Impeccable turf in better condition
  • Warning in case of theft or malfunction
  • GPS guidance system

Reinvented connectivity

  • A web-based server. Your fleet hub.
  • An app for tablet and smartphone.
  • At your fingertips.
  • An anti-theft solution.
  • GPS location and geofencing alerts.
  • A maintenance history.
  • Proactivity guaranteed.

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